Swimming Lessons At Swish Swimming

Without a question learning to swimming is fun. But there are many good reasons why you or your child should learn to swim.

Knowing how to swim is essential for your safety. Even if you don’t live near a body of water, pools, ponds and storm water present dangers that could require a person to be in the water. Knowing and having the confidence of being able to swim could mean the difference between surviving and a less desirable outcome.

If fitness is your goal, then swimming offers an excellent low-impact aerobic sport. It is easy on the joints and muscles that would otherwise be punished with repeated pounding by running. An hour spent swimming will burn up to 600 calories, depending on your intensity and the stroke you use.
Swimming is an ageless sport that can be practiced from infancy well into the advanced years. Those who choose to do more than simple lap swimming can participate in other activities such as water aerobics, polo, springboard diving or synchronized water dance.

For kids wanting to be competitive swimmers, learning to swim with a team teaches the invaluable lessons of working with other. Plus, the experience of traveling as a group to various meets is often cited as the highlight of many high school and collegiate swimmers. The support of other team members boost a student’s confidence and pushed them to excel not only in swimming but in all other areas of their lives.

When training competitively, swimmers learn other valuable life lessons including time management, goal setting, motivation, as well as about fitness and wellness. Additionally, learning to swim will open the doors to many other water based activities and even careers. Lifeguarding, competitive water sports like surfing or board sailing, SCUBA all require a proficiency in swimming.

For all these reasons, Swish Swimming Schools is ready to start both children and adults on their live long swimming careers. The new facility features temperature controlled and salt water filtered pools. There is a dedicated teacher for children with special needs and disabilities.
The facility is the first special purpose swim training facility of its kind in Singapore’s central district. Along with after swim activities and an activity pavilion that can be reserved for private pool parties, and a fully stocked swim shop is on site for everything you need. A variety of child enrichment activities makes Swish Swimming School the best choice for any parent looking to enroll their children in swimming lessons.